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7th Epic Savannah Drive promises adventure through Guyana’s savannah

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The seventh Epic Savannah Drive, hosted by Savannah Tours Guyana, promises a fun-filled day of adventure for off-road and nature enthusiasts come June 30.

The annual event will navigate through seven indigenous communities along the Soesdyke/ Linden highway, showcasing Guyana’s rich cultural tapestry while promoting community building through tourism.

Display of obstacle course for motorcycle and off-road vehicles

Under the visionary leadership of Shane D’Andrade, Savannah Tours has transformed this off-road adventure into a growing sport tourism in Guyana.

Speaking to the Department of Public Information (DPI), D’Andrade revealed that sport tourism had been his childhood dream inspired by experiences abroad.

“I realised that we in Guyana have far more to offer, and I came home and started following my passion. We [Savannah Tours] are trying to make it big in Guyana, and it is growing every year,” he shared at the launch on Friday.

Owner of Savannah Tours, Shane D’Andrade during the launch of the seventh epic Savannah drive

This year, the drive will kick start from Yarrowkabra Village where participants can look forward to an obstacle course designed to challenge their off-road driving skills, mud races, drag racing, paintball competition, grass track races, puddle driving and log climbing competition

The convoy will traverse through communities like Sand Ville, Kurukururu, and Laluni where participants will get a glimpse of the development of Silica City.

In the village of Swan, lunches will be served and an archery competition will be conducted with all invited to test their skills.

This would be followed by a trek into the intermediate savannahs, demanding greater technique and skill from the drivers.

Display of log climbing competitions

Families are encouraged to join, regardless of weather conditions.

 “Come out with your family, kids. It is going to be hot, raining, mud—come with a change of clothes. There will be a creek that we are preparing right now so the kids are going to have a lot of fun,” D’Andrade added.

Moreover, Senior Events Officer Shellon Nicholas highlighted the Guyana Tourism Authority (GTA) steadfast support of this initiative. Noting that, “This type of tourism is a niche market and a staple on our events calendar.”

To ensure safety and medical preparedness, the event will have a medical team, including a doctor on board. As well as a New Vision Labs ambulance and policing groups to maintain order and safety.

Registration for the event costs $10,000 and can be done via WhatsApp or Facebook at Savannah Tours. Detailed rules and guidelines will be provided upon registration to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all.

The event is being sponsored by Beharry, Beepat and others.

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