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90 per cent of teachers returned to classrooms

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Some 90 per cent teachers from nursery, primary, and secondary schools countrywide turned out to their classrooms this week, demonstrating their commitment towards the welfare of their students. 

This statistic was provided to the Department of Public Information (DPI) by the Ministry of Education on Thursday. 

Pupils being engaged by a teacher

The development emanates from the conciliation efforts between the Ministry of Education and the Guyana Teachers’ Union (GTU).

According to the pact inked on June 21, both parties agreed on several conditions for the resumption of work by all teachers, thereby ending the nationwide strike by some educators.  

The release also highlighted that there must be no victimisation and no loss of service for teachers or educators. 

Furthermore, it stated that teachers or educators will return to their respective positions that they had before the strike started.

The countrywide industrial action by teachers commenced on February 5, surrounding a proposal for an increase in wages and salaries along with other interventions.

Over the years, the PPP/C government has remained committed to transforming the education sector, which is seen in the investments and initiatives towards the welfare of teachers and students.

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