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‘Because We Care’ cash grants ease financial strain on parents

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The financial burden on many parents is being alleviated with the distribution of the ‘Because We Care’ cash grant by the government through the Ministry of Education.

On Tuesday, several parents from Soesdyke Primary and the Soesdyke Secondary School Annex expressed their gratitude for the financial assistance.

Minister within the Office of the Prime Minister with responsibility for Public Affairs, Kwame McCoy interacting with a parent at the Soesdyke Secondary School Annex

Many parents highlighted that the grant would enable their children to access additional educational resources as the new school term approaches.

A Parent, Laura Winter said the money will further assist her to provide for her grandson and adopted daughter.

“I am happy that our children are benefiting. I have a grandson and a little girl that I brought up on my own. So, I am very thankful to receive this money to be able to provide for them,” she told the Department of Public Information (DP).

Winter, who resides in Long Creek, sends her two children to Soesdyke Primary School, where approximately 440 pupils will benefit from the grant.

One of the parents, Laura Winter after receiving the ‘Because We Care’ cash grant for one out of her two children

Amrita Deonarine, whose daughter is entering Year 10 at Soesdyke Secondary School Annex, expressed that the grant will help her purchase essential educational resources.

“My child will indeed benefit from this cash grant because it will help her to be prepared for the new school term coming. She will be going into Grade Ten so it will help her to buy the stuff that she needs for her projects and so on,” Deonarine stated.

Another parent, Josephine Cyprian, also voiced her appreciation for the grant, highlighting its importance to her family.

“I am happy for this money because as parents we sometimes don’t always have it when our children are in need. So, this indeed is coming in handy for us,” the mother said.

Around 132 students at Soesdyke Secondary School Annex are also set to benefit from the cash grant.

To ensure the distribution process was running smoothly, the Minister within the Office of the Prime Minister responsible for Public Affairs, Kwame McCoy, visited the schools and interacted with parents and teachers. The minister also visited St Mary’s Primary School.

Minister McCoy emphasised that the government is committed to investing in the future of the nation’s children and supporting parents in their educational roles.

“We as a government believe that our parents are major partners in the development of the education of our children. Therefore, they are responsible enough to manage the monies that we are making available,” Minister McCoy emphasised.

He acknowledged that it can be challenging for parents to consistently support their children financially, which is why the government introduced the ‘Because We Care’ cash grant to assist.

The nationwide distribution of the ‘Because We Care’ cash grant and uniform voucher commenced on June 24. Over 205,000 public and private school students will receive $45,000 each.

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