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Breaking After 33 years Doreen Gentzler  retires


Longtime WRC/NBC4 news anchor Doreen Gentzler announced today she will be retiring at the end of November.

What roles Did Doreen Gentzler  Play ?

Doreen Gentzler has played a key role in the channel’s rating success, anchoring News4 at 6 and News4 at 11 throughout her tenure and reporting worldwide, including in Bosnia and Ecuador and aboard the USNS Comfort hospital ship. However, she is best known for her reporting in the DC area, where she has served as the station’s medical reporter for more than 30 years. Her clear, intelligent approach to telling these stories has provided vital information that some have called life-saving.

Doreen Getzler also serves as the channel’s medical reporter, documenting health reports for all of the channel’s newscasts. In her award-winning ‘4 Your Health’ segments, she has brought the audience into hospitals and shown them the latest medical technology. Starting her career with Georgia Public Broadcasting’s show ‘The Lawmakers’, Gentzler first served as an anchor for WKYC-TV. She spent many years honing her anchoring and reporting skills in Charlotte, Cleveland, Chattanooga, and Philadelphia before joining NBC4.

Talking about the American news anchor’s awards and honors, she won three Emmy awards for anchoring and reporting and three Emmy awards for news writing while in Cleveland. A graduate of the University of Georgia, Gentzler is a married woman and a mother of two. She is moderately active on social networking sites, Twitter and Facebook. Source The Famous People

In her own words I have some personal news to share this evening,” Gentzler told her viewers on News4 at 6 on Friday. “It may cause me to get a little emotional, so I’ll just say it outright. I’ve decided to retire. Not an easy choice, but something I’ve been considering for a while … I’ve been working here for more than half my life. The babies that I had during the ’90s have grown up and moved out.”

Doreen Gentzler
Doreen Getzler

Gentzler, a native of Arlington, Virginia, returned home to the Washington area in 1989 to join Jim Vance, Bob Ryan, and George Michael on the WRC anchor desk. On her first newscast, Gentzler’s longtime co-anchor and close friend Jim Vance welcomed her by saying, “This is Doreen, folks. Doreen Gentzler. She’s going to be with us for quite a while.”

Thirty-three years later, it’s safe to say Vance was right.

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