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Breaking Kid taking Halloween candies on camera

Kid taking Halloween candies

When was the video captured of the kid taking Halloween candies?

In a viral tweet on Twitter what appears to be a young Kid taking Halloween candies on someone’s porch. The kid quickly unpacked his haversack and quickly placed the candies in his sack before doing so you can hear the kid shouting “Let’s See”.

The kid then places the candy bowl on what appears to be a desk and proceeds to show the ring doorbell camera a mid finger

Below is the live video posted to Twitter

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One Twitter user said @HarveyJ62874632 This kid deserves: 1) A spanking, 2) Go to bed without dinner, 3) Personally return the candy with his handwritten letter of apology, and 4) Go to his room immediately after school for at least a week to do his homework, without TV, games, toys, or any electronics.

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