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Core Homes Initiative changing lives of many vulnerable Guyanese

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Over 110 vulnerable Guyanese have embarked on a new chapter by becoming homeowners through the government’s Core Home Initiative.

The life-changing journey was once again realised as seven additional low-income families from Haslington, Non-Pareil, Good Hope South, and Cummings Lodge Housing Scheme, East Coast Demerara, received the key to their new homes on Tuesday.

Core Homes Initiative positively impacting the lives of many Guyanese

Beneficiaries expressed their gratitude, noting that the highly anticipated 20ft x 20ft two-bedroom concrete house for a contribution of only $100,000, has brought significant financial relief.

Father of three, Carlos Jules told the Department of Public Information (DPI), that his new home is a pivotal step in his family’s journey towards stability and comfort.  

“Sometimes I feel like giving up because I didn’t see any progress, but I hold it out. This is a start for me because renting is a struggle.  My family will be able to grow and things will be better. It is going to be a positive in their life from now on because it will get everybody in one place,” Jules shared.

Sonita and family receiving the key to their new home

Sonita (only name given), 53, recounted the financial hardships she faced while raising her daughter and two grandchildren, and the poor living conditions she endured for the past 20 years.

“Many days I am not well and I would remind myself not to give up. I want to thank the government very much for this home, thank you for everything, for all the support, because we needed it,” she tearfully conveyed.

Another beneficiary, Sewmattie Narine revealed that her life took a major turn after the loss of her husband last October.

Sewmattie Narine is another beneficiary who received the key to her new home

Unable to afford rent or build a home, she praised the government for providing hope during her time of need.

“One of my neighbours encouraged me to go and see if I can get through with a house and I went and I got through. I am happy about it; thank God. Thanks to the president, because I couldn’t afford to pay the rent, it is expensive,” Narine told DPI.  

During the distribution exercise, Minister of Housing and Water, Collin Croal stressed the government’s zeal for supporting vulnerable families.

Rampal Bahadur and his family are excited to move into their new home

“It is not an easy social welfare to be living with other persons or living in an environment that you don’t necessarily own. So certainly, it is helping with the social fabric, it is also helping with homeownership and we are happy about that,” he emphasised.

Meanwhile, the Core Home initiative is part of the $5.8 billion Adequate Housing and Urban Accessibility Programme (AHUAP), funded by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).

With the application process for the programme currently closed, the government is focused on expediting the construction of an additional 188 core homes, reaffirming its dedication to improving housing accessibility.

Core Homes Initiative positively impacting the lives of many Guyanese

Core Homes Initiative positively impacting the lives of many Guyanese

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