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GTA to host ‘Travel Writer Training’ for media personnel

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The Guyana Tourism Authority (GTA) will host a ‘Travel Writing Training’ programme to empower media personnel further and enhance their skill sets.

The training will commence within the next two months and will be conducted by an overseas travel writer.

Director of the Guyana Tourism Authority (GTA), Kamrul Baksh speaking about the training at a recent event

During a recent book launch, GTA’s Director, Kamrul Baksh noted that the training is designed to expand media operatives’ creative writing skills, especially in promoting Guyana’s tourism products.

“This will help us to start writing very creative articles so that we can encourage our Guyanese folks to visit our tourism products,” Baksh explained.

The exposure provided by this training to other media houses outside the country will allow locals to interact, share ideas, and exchange experiences. It will also assist in promoting Guyana’s tourism products in other countries.

Additionally, the Director said they have already identified the travel writer who will lead the training and have completed the curriculum.

The training will include a few online sessions and face-to-face learning upon the writer’s arrival in the country. The online courses are expected to last no less than 20 hours.

Some of the media personnel that were present at the launching of the paddle boarding experience by the Guyana Tourism Authority (GTA) and Elite Kayaking

Following these sessions, Baksh explained, “Then the travel writer will give the media personnel an article or a topic to write on based on the exposure of the content that he has developed.”

Over the years, the GTA has been working closely with media houses in Guyana to market tourism products and provide media operatives with opportunities to experience these activities firsthand, enabling them to fully convey the purpose of these products.

In May, the GTA and Elite Kayaking launched a paddle-boarding experience at Blue Lake in Linden, Region Ten. To help tourists and locals discover the joy of the new product, several media houses were invited to the launch.

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