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Massive clearing of canals planned for Essequibo coast

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Farmers from Tapakuma Village and other communities along the Essequibo coast in Region Two will benefit from a massive clearing of canals, to provide improved drainage and irrigation (D&I), and greater access to farmlands.

These works will soon be undertaken following the commissioning of an amphibious excavator valued at approximately $110 million, by Minister of Agriculture Zulfikar Mustapha in Tapakuma on Wednesday.

Minister of Agriculture, Zulfikar Mustapha, other officials, and residents at the commissioning of a new sluice in Capoey Village

With this addition, the region now has 20 pieces of equipment to bolster flood resilience efforts.

Minister Mustapha emphasised that the government is making critical investments to modernise drainage infrastructure and address the region’s D&I needs.

“It will be very useful for the people on the Essequibo coast…This machine will help them tremendously in clearing the waterways to provide them with proper freshwater in the area,” he stressed.

A management committee will be established to ensure the effective utilisation of the equipment, maximising its benefits for farmers.

The agriculture minister is optimistic that the region will see the expansion of rice production as a result of the infrastructural investment. 

A section of the new sluice in Capoey Village, Region Two

Meanwhile, over 60 farmers from Capoey Village will benefit from improved access to drainage and irrigation following the commissioning of a new sluice valued at approximately $260 million.

The new structure replaces an old, dilapidated drainage system, enhancing drainage and crop productivity.

Other communities, including Capoey, Little Alliance, Westfield, Mocha, Dageraad, and the immediate front lands at Queenstown, will also benefit from these undertakings.

Additionally, the new equipment will provide improved access to 1,000 acres of farm and residential lands.

Farmers are encouraged to cultivate other crops to propel the country’s food production drive further.

The new amphibious excavator

While in the region, Minister Mustapha assessed the progress of works on the Charity pump station, receiving a status update on the pump.

He was joined by Regional Chairperson, Vilam DaSilva, Director General of the Ministry Madanlall Ramraj, and other officials.

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