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Ministry of Public Works Conducts Comprehensive Site Visits in Region 9

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The Ministry of Public Works has recently completed a series of site visits to assess and address infrastructural concerns in Region 9. Minister within the Ministry of Public Works, Hon. Deodat Indar, led the inspections, focusing primarily on bridges and areas showing signs of erosion.

During the visits, three bridges were identified with significant erosion issues. Contractors have been instructed to address these problems immediately to prevent further degradation and ensure safety. The inspection covered all bridges from Annai, beginning with bridge number 19, to the washout bridge, number 3.

In addition to erosion repairs, some bridges require the widening of their channels to facilitate better water discharge. This measure is crucial to enhancing the resilience of the infrastructure against potential flooding.

All relevant contractors have been informed of the necessary work to be undertaken. Notably, the washout bridge repair is underway, with MMC beginning the stockpiling of materials required for the fix. To effectively manage the significant water flow, MMC needs to accumulate 80% of the materials before commencing the blockage of the washout.

Minister Indar also visited the washout area and spoke with stranded passengers, indicating that vehicles should be able to traverse the area by tomorrow noon. This assurance comes as part of the Ministry’s commitment to promptly restore connectivity and minimize inconvenience to the public.

The Ministry of Public Works remains committed to maintaining and improving the infrastructure in Region 9, ensuring the safety and connectivity of the community.

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