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Ministry of Public Works, stakeholders kickoff East Bank road improvement meeting

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The Ministry of Public Works (MoPW), in collaboration with the Consultant, Sheladia Associates Inc., and China Road and Bridge Corporation (CRBC), the Contractor, held a Stakeholder Kickoff Meeting on Friday, May 31, 2024 at the Prairie Hotel, Coverden, East Bank Demerara to share project updates and get insights from stakeholders.

Minister of Public Works, Bishop Juan Edghill, gave the feature presentation to a well-attended gathering which comprised of representatives from:

Businesses along the Corridor

Utility companies

Regional Democratic Council and the Neighbourhood Democratic Council

Guyana Fire Service

National Drainage and Irrigation Authority

Ministry of Finance

Before giving his insights on the Good Success to Timehri Road Upgrade Project, Minister Edghill highlighted the importance of the corridor, and the vision of the PPP/C Administration in linking the Hinterland to the Coastland and also placing Guyana as a major transportation and tourist hub.  He explained the integration of the corridor in the wider picture, with the construction of the following transformational projects currently in the pipeline:

New Corentyne River Bridge

Upgrade of the Palmyra to Crabwood Creek corridor to 4 lanes, including the major development at Palymra

New fix bridge across the Berbice River

Deep Water Port at the Berbice River

Feasibility Study of the Mahaica to Rosignol Road Corridor

Upgrade of the Sheriff Street to Mahaica Road Project, with the Railway Embankment being upgraded to 4 lanes from Sheriff Street to Orange Nassau

The continuation of the Hero’s Highway from Diamond to Buzz Bee Road and continuation to Land of Canaan with a final destination of the Soesdyke Linden Highway

The Upgrade of the Soesdyke Linden Highway

The 4-lane bridge across the Demerara River at Wismar – McKenzie

The Linden to Mabura Hill Road Upgrade Project

The construction of 45 Concrete Bridges along the Linden to Lethem Road

A fix bridge across the Essequibo River at Kurupukari.

All the above to ensure connectivity with the Coastland and Hinterland.  The Minister noted that while the MoPW, Shaladia, and CRBC are the legal parties to the Contract, the stakeholders are a critical and vital part for ensuring that the Government gets “Value for Money.”

As regards the Good Success to Timehri Road Upgrade Project, Minister Edghill stressed on the importance of the corridor, highlighting that it’s the only link to the Cheddi Jagan International Airport and also the road where the majority of the construction materials have to traverse to reach other developmental projects being undertaking by both the Private and Public Sector. 

Minster Edghill emphasized the following during his passionate presentation:

The project has to be completed within the time period of 36 months, and while 36 months is the maximum time, he hopes that collaboration between all parties especially the stakeholders can result in the project being completed before the 36 months.

The majority of the works have to be done at night and where ever possible 2 lanes of traffic must be allowed.

Prioritizing health and safety on the job sites.

He encourages the Contractor to employ human resources from within the project area, as this is one way of getting the people involved.

He insisted that drivers and other road users adhere to road safety signs, barriers and flagmen along the project area.

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