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‘Seize the potential for growth, wealth acquisition’

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Dr Ramsaroop tells entrepreneurs at Econome III

With the government’s substantial investment in the country’s resources, each sector has experienced exponential growth. This surge has significantly expanded opportunities for local entrepreneurs.

Chief Investment Officer (CIO) of the Guyana Office for Investment, Dr Peter Ramsaroop, emphasised to entrepreneurs the growing opportunities in Guyana and encouraged them to take advantage.

Chief Investment Officer (CIO) of the Guyana Office for Investment, Dr Peter Ramsaroop speaking at the Econome III Business Conference and Mixer event on Saturday

“Better has come, do not lose the opportunity of growth for the next five years. We are looking at a transformation that is unbelievable in our country,” the chief investment officer stressed.

These remarks were made Saturday evening, during the Econome III Business Conference and Mixer, at the Marriott Hotel in Kingston, Georgetown.

Highlighting that the government and private sectors are the country’s largest spenders, he urged business professionals to find their niche and integrate themselves into these sectors.

“When you listen to the budget speech and you listen to where the government is spending money, you have to look around the room and ask yourself where do you fit…The answers are right before our eyes. You just have to take that opportunity, ”Dr Ramsaroop stated.

Emphasising the development of new hotels, the upcoming ferry service between Guyana, Trinidad, and Barbados, and CARICOM’s initiative to reduce the food import bill, the CIO challenged entrepreneurs to align their products with these key investments and programmes.

Dr Ramsaroop showcases a locally made coffee wine

“Your market is now larger. When President Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali speaks about 25 per cent in the reduction of our food bill, or when he talks about ferry service coming to our region…Are you ready to drive your canter to Trinidad or get your products into Barbados? Just think about it…Whatever your business opportunity is…think of where your market is,” Dr Ramsaroop said.  

He took the opportunity to highlight unique products including a locally made coffee wine, showcasing innovations that will elevate the country’s offerings to the next level.

The Econome Business Conference and Mixer is a premier event that unites finance and business professionals to share knowledge, exchange ideas, and enhance entrepreneurial skills.

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