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Sustainable housing project for 500 families along Soesdyke-Linden Highway

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The government has announced an ambitious plan to construct some 500 low-income houses for vulnerable families along the Soesdyke-Linden Highway ─ a new era of housing development where people can live and earn an income.

During a media conference at State House in Georgetown on Tuesday, President, Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali made it clear that the new development is another feature that will be added along the 45-mile-long highway, apart from the massive smart urban centre, ‘Silica City’.

President, Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali addresses journalists during a media conference at State House on Thursday

The president stated that the low-income houses there will cost the same as others being constructed in other parts of the country, but those properties will be fully linked to agriculture.

At the heart of this transformative plan, each plot of land will feature a number of coconut or breadfruit trees in the front yard and the installation of a 20 x 40 shade house to the rear of the house.

Equipped with advanced agricultural technology, these shade houses are designed to boost food production and provide a steady income for families.

“The project is now being conceptualised…I am hoping that within six weeks we can have this project move from conceptualisation to implementation,” the president asserted.

He also said his government is committed to making these house energy-efficient by incorporating solar systems to minimise electricity costs.

“And when you do the economics of it, that shade house will comfortably carry the load for the home and give that family income. We are targeting 500 families in the first instance. This is a project that is around the cost parameter of about $6 billion,” the president underscored.

The head of state noted that the local private and banking sectors will be involved in the process.

The administration continues to outline its plan to provide proper living conditions and enhance the economic stability and quality of life for thousands of families, with major focus on setting standards for low-income housing worldwide.

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