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Swan benefitting from $7M block project, $24M investment in sand trucks

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The residents of Swan, along the Soesdyke-Linden Highway are now better equipped to generate income with the opening of a $7 million Block House and Multi-purpose Centre, supported by the addition of two sand trucks worth $24 million.

These two adjacent buildings were funded by the Office of the Prime Minister, the Ministry of Amerindian Affairs’ COVID relief, the Presidential Grant, and proceeds from the Low Carbon Development Strategy (LCDS).

Residents of Swan using for the first time the Multi-purpose centre

Through careful financial management, the village leader and residents also managed to procure two trucks, costing $24 million, to assist in transporting the blocks.

An additional $1 million was spent on constructing a sanitary facility to benefit workers and those using the Multi-purpose Centre.

During the commissioning ceremony on Saturday, Minister within the Office of the Prime Minister with responsibility for Public Affairs, Kwame McCoy, expressed his admiration for the village’s prudent use of funds.

“Swan has done it again… today, we are on to another set of developments within the community. This, however, is just part of the [ongoing]  journey to prosperity,” Minister McCoy told the residents.

Some of the concrete blocks that were made from youths within the village

The minister asserted that the hallmark of the PPP/C Government is to improve people’s livelihoods and transform their communities. The block-making project and centre exemplify the government’s commitment to enhancing the lives of citizens, whether they live near or far.

“This is deliberate because it is part of our commitment to understanding who people are, what are their needs, and what investments we as the government need to make to have our people progress,” the minister stated.

Toshao of Swan, Finton Ragnauth, emphasised the importance of wise financial management to meet the community’s needs.

“Today, I am very grateful to stand as the village leader and say we have a caring government that continues to invest in us,’ he said.

One of the trucks that were procured to transport the blocks

The village leader continued  “I am blessed to know we have some young people right in here who are making the blocks. I believe that this will take us further in life.”

Meanwhile, Chairwoman of the LamahaYarrowkabra Neighbourhood Democratic Council (NDC), Michelle Drepaul highlighted Swan’s leadership in executing development projects along the highway.

He explained,” it was a struggle to get certain things done within this village. However, with the support from you, the people of Swan, and the PPPC Government…We have achieved…so many things in such a short time.”

She encouraged residents to continue working together to achieve even more.

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