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Update on flooding in Linden

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Following heavy and continuous rainfall in several parts of Linden (Region Ten) on Tuesday, areas such as Noitegacht and West Watooka were affected by flooding.

As a result, the NDIA deployed two hydraulic excavators to undertake urgent and critical drainage works. Additionally, Bosai also deployed two hydraulic excavators to assist with debushing and materials to construct a temporary cofferdam to aid in the diversion and removal of flood waters draining towards the Demerara River.

Critical drainage works were carried out in areas such as Fairs Rust, Watooka and Noitegacht Back Road.

The NDIA is currently working with Community Development Council (CDC) groups to ensure systems are in place to minimize erosion on the main road leading to Burnham Drive. Sand bags were also placed as an embankment protection from floodwaters. Efforts were also made by the NDIA and CDC groups to conduct manual cleaning of garbage and other materials from inside the Ice Water Creek.

Works are scheduled to continue tomorrow in other affected areas within the vicinity of Wismar Shore such as Silvertown, Victory Valley, First, Second, and Third Alley.

While water has receded on the McKenzie shore, manual cleaning is required and will continue in areas surrounding the Kara Kara Creek. These areas include Spieghtland, Old Kara Kara, Retrieve, and the Oval.

NDIA will continue to monitor the situation and render assistance to address flooding in all affected areas in the region.

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