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US$1 million approved to maintain Coast Guard vessels

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Approximately US$1 million has been approved by the United States Embassy for the maintenance of the Guyana Defence Force Coast Guard’s vessels, along with ongoing training provided by the U.S. Coast Guard.

This is according to the United States Ambassador to Guyana, Nicole Theriot, who was speaking during the commissioning ceremony for the GDFS Shahoud, a 115 Defiant monohull patrol vessel on Tuesday.

This collaboration extends beyond just government agencies, with Metal Shark Builds, the US-based company that constructed the Shahoud, pledging its assistance in Guyana’s Coast Guard modernisation efforts.

“We just recently approved approximately US$1 million for the sustainment of the Coast Guard’s other vessels, as well as U.S. Coast Guard provided training for Guyana. Hand in hand with the private sector, our embassy and SOUTHCOM (Southern Command) will continue to provide subject matter expertise, training, maritime-focused security cooperation, and security assistance opportunities,” she said.

United States Ambassador to Guyana, Nicole Theriot

This ongoing partnership aims to ensure Guyana’s defence force remains effective.

The ambassador said that the US will continue to work with the government to transform Guyana’s defence and security sector to achieve collective security and regional stability.

“Together, the United States and the government of Guyana will uphold our commitment to peace and prosperity for all, and maintain this region as a zone of peace,” she added.

Chief of Defence Staff, Brigadier Omar Khan

Building on this partnership, the Chief of Defence Staff, Brigadier Omar Khan, revealed discussions initiated by the U.S. Military Liaison’s Office to facilitate training to operate the GDFS Shahoud.

“This is being facilitated through the Caribbean Basin Security Initiative platform,” he explained.

Brigadier Khan emphasised the importance of partnerships for shared development. He stressed that acquiring equipment is just one piece of the puzzle. Guyana must leverage the training and experience offered by regional partners to enhance its capabilities.

“This forms an integral part of enhancing our capacity and consolidating our capability. And I must say, we have been doing just that to the point that our existing partnerships are at their highest peak in the history of our defence relations,” he underscored.

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