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Breaking lottery ticket for $38 Million unclaimed

SuperLotto Plus lottery
SuperLotto Plus lottery
SuperLotto Plus lottery

A woman who purchased a SuperLotto Plus lottery ticket worth €38.14 million at a San Diego convenience store has yet to turn the ticket in, with the deadline to claim the prize being today.

Where is the lottery Ticket owner?

The lottery ticket was bought in April at the 7-Eleven store at 430 Spruce Street in San Diego and matched all six winning numbers from the April 30 drawing. The owner said he checked surveillance video and recognized the person who purchased the ticket as a woman who had been a regular customer but had not visited the store since the lottery drawing. He describes her as around retirement age with graying hair. SuperLotto Plus winners have 180 days from the date of the draw to claim their prize.

If you are a relative of the woman you can complete a California lottery claim form, which can be submitted in person at any California Lottery District Office or mailed to California Lottery Headquarters at 730 North 10th Street, Sacramento, 95811.

If the player holding the winning lottery ticket needs additional assistance claiming their prize, the press release states they can call California Lottery Customer Service at call 1-800-LOTTERY or email Also, read Exciting: Power Ball Jackpot now at $800 Million

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